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Monday, December 3, 2007


Well, our house SOLD!! After being on the market since July 4th, it finally sold! We were kinda thrown off guard, but excited as well!! The person who bought the house needed to be in by the 20th of December, so we will be moving to our new house on the 15th! God has a sense of humor because I have said all along, please let us be moved by Christmas....well I'm getting my wish! The past two weeks have been crazy and hectic, with paperwork inspections, etc... Praise the Lord that the house we had been eyeing was still for sale and EMPTY! We are so happy about our new home! It has lots of room for Molly Cate to play in and we can actually have more than one couple over with out feeling totally cramped! We look forward to having our friends and family over. There is even a cute little park down the street we can go play at. As soon as we get settled I will send out pictures. One more fun event will take place this month, we will find out the sex of the baby next Monday! Yeah! There will be a post about that as soon as we find out! Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Race for the Cure, Pumpkins, Halloween, and Haircut!!

Well, it is time again for an update. We have been busy again, as usual, so this post comes a little late. First we will start with "Race for the Cure". We were part of a team that supported one of Ken's coworkers who is currently fighting breast cancer, although we were supporting her, we also were walking in celebration of "Mimi"!! (see pictures) That same afternoon we headed to Hernando , MS to Cedar Hills Farm to check out their pumpkin patch! Jill and Trey joined us! They had lots of things to animals, a playground, a corn maze, the pumpkin patch, and a hayride....oh yeah "farm tators" that I loved too!! We had a great time, and when we left Molly Cate was worn out! She did a great job picking out two pumpkins, one for her and one for baby. Ken picked out one for me and one for him.
On Halloween we headed East, that is to Collierville, to The Sullivans. Molly Cate went trick-or-treating at her first house. It was quite funny because all of the scary decorations, needless to say Molly Cate was not a fan of the decorations. Afterwards we enjoyed Chili and passing out candy at the Sullivan's house. Boompa, Gran, and Aunt Jill also stopped by for a sneak peek of the little trick-or-treater!
OK, last major event.....then I promise I will do better at blogging so I won't have to cram so much on one entry! "THE HAIRCUT"!!!! It was so great, Molly Cate did a super job sitting up on the booster seat. She wore a big girl cape and everything. Her haircut was at Capelli, done by Farrah, our friend Frankie's sister. She so enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror, giving herself the "big eyes"! We did not cut much (don't worry Boompa.....I could tell from your call you were not a fan of her getting her haircut), so you really can't tell. She just doesn't have that baby mullet anymore!!
OK, well, got to run and meet some girls for dinner! Everyone have a great week!
The Anthonys

Oh Yeah....
Check out Ken & Trey...............

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Pictures


Hope everyone has had a great week. Ours has been better than last, Molly Cate has actually taken a few naps this week!! Today was so nice here! We went to the zoo with Morgan, Parker, Amy Lauren and Emma Kate. We were quite trio of Moms. Morgan is due in November and Amy Lauren in December, me way far away in MAY! It was funny hearing us talking about our aches, pains, and sickness...ha!!! This weekend my Mom is coming to visit! We are looking forward to hanging out and shopping. Here are some recent pictures of our little girl and baby #2. The ultra sound was actually taken about 2 weeks ago!


Friday, October 5, 2007

Major Updates!

Hi There!!

So sorry that this is the first update in so long! We have had so much going on! Let's start with VACATIONS........

Vacation #1: Gatlinburg, Tn with Mimi and Pop:

September 9th-13th we went to Gatlinburg with my parents. We had a wonderful time in the mountains. Molly Cate did so great on the ride there, she was a real trooper! We did lots of fun things, you know very educational things. When my family goes on a vacation you must "Learn" something along the way. The first night there we just got settled in our condo, our view was gorgeous! The first full day we drove to Cade's Cove. If you are interested in"Learning" more... click here.... . This was a settlement that was started in the 1800's. It was really neat to see how people used to live off the land. We enjoyed "Aunt Becky's" House best! Molly Cate even got a black grizzly bear that growls. His name is "Smokey" and she really growls back at him!! The second day we went to Asheville, NC to check out the Biltmore Estate. I think we were all really blown away at how the Vanderbilts lived in the 1800's! Check out The Bilmore here... The Vanderbilts had an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, and so much more you would be so blown away!! Wow, how differently Aunt Becky lived from the Vanderbilts during the same time period. The rest of the time we spent shopping at the outlets and exploring the little town. Overall, we had a great time and truly enjoyed getting away!

Vacation #2: New York with Gran and Boompa, Ken worked some:

Ok, so we get home from Gatlinburg, sleep in our own beds for 6 nights, pack again, and get on a plane for New York!!! What a whirlwind! Did I mention Morning sickness, more like All Day sickness has now set in?? We flew out on Wednesday morning the 19th. I was somewhat worried about Molly Cate because this was her first flying experience. I was actually more worried about my self and getting sick on a plane! Thank goodness Gran and Boompa were with us! There would have been no way I could have handled a squirmy toddler by myself. Needless to say she did GREAT!!! I pack lots of new fun toys to keep her occupied, and the stickers were the best! When we arrived in New York I had set up a ride for us at the airport. If you have ever been to New York you know most taxi drivers do not have "Southern Hospitality"! Our driver played some sort of Indian music, and of course my child starts dancing in her seat!! That was too funny, but not as funny as when he pulled out a banana and started eating in front of her!! I mean who eats a banana in front of a 15 month old?? Of course she threw a FIT because he did not share with her! I quickly started pulling out snacks. We were all pretty happy and doing fairly well until we arrived at the hotel. Don't for get this name...."PORTLAND SQUARE HOTEL"......NEVER STAY THERE!!! We were somewhat excepting what we had there, and thought, oh well, we won't be spending too much time in the room...Until Ken saw it when he arrived at midnight that night. We all decided it would be best to switch hotels. Oh, how we were so happy to check into the Marriot! Thanks to that "lucky penny" and Todd; Ken's cousin, it all worked out! Sorry this is so long so far, but you must know details....

OK, so we walked a lot the first day....I showed Mr. Joe and Mrs. Suzanne some highlights....Times Square, The Empire State Building, Central Park, Trump Tower, Tiffany's, Macy's, Rockefeller Center. We were worn out!!! Thursday we did more sight seeing stuff, and walked a lot!! Thursday night Ken and I went to a great Italian restaurant that was so wonderful at the time. Later when I thought about what we had eaten I just kept feeling sick!! Pregnancy can be strange! Friday was soo fun...We were on the TODAY show!!! Molly Cate even blew kisses! Ha!! We also saw a movie being filmed in front of Tiffany's. Molly Cate even played on the "BIG" piano at FAO Swartz! Saturday was a bust, we wanted to go to Central Park, but it rained, we went and ate lunch, then Molly Cate and I napped during the afternoon. Ken even got to watch the Ole Miss game at ESPN know he was happy!! Saturday night our last night we thought it would be fun to eat in little Italy, we did not know there was a HUGE street festival going on! It was kinda neat to see, but hard to maneuver a stroller through the crowd! Sunday we ate a late breakfast, went to Toys"R"US (where we rode on the indoor ferris wheel on the My Little Pony car), packed and went to the airport. Molly Cate did not do so well going home. Partly because she was tired, partly hungry, partly because the "new" toys weren't so new anymore!

Needless to say we were HAPPY to be home, we have decided not to leave the city of Memphis for a while!!! I think I am still doing laundry...ha!

Please enjoy our vacation pics, sorry they are not completely in order!!



Saturday, September 8, 2007

No You are NOT Seeing Double!!!


Yes THAT is what you are seeing!! The actual pregnancy test. Sorry if you think it is gross, but that is the only way you can truly see that we are expecting #2!!

This test was taken on Tuesday, and made official by Dr. Greenwell on Thursday. We did not tell anyone (well, mostly) until today, at the Ole Miss game, where Molly Cate made the announcement by wearing an adorable "I'm the Big Sister" T-shirt!! Both of our families were there to enjoy the moment, we are not sure if they are shocked, surprised, excited, or all of the above! We know we are so happy and blessed that God has given us another wonderful gift. We can not wait until May 2nd (before or maybe after?) to meet our newest family member! We know Molly Cate will make a fabulous big sister. What will Lily and Charlie do now??? Anyway we will keep you posted on all of the happenings as the months progress, but for now please pray for health and safety of the baby and mother.

Much Love!
Ken and Ashley

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Where Oh Where Has the Anthony Family Been???

Hi There!
Well, sorry that there has not been a post in a while. Let me let you know what has been going on.....

The last week of August Molly Cate and I went to Hattiesburg to visit Mom and Dad. While we were there "Nana", my Mom's Mother was there. This was the first time she got to meet Molly Cate! They were both very excited. Aunt Laura and her girls; their babies too, came to visit on that Saturday. We ended up having a huge spend the night party because their car broke down before getting out of town!! That was OK, more fun time together!! We also go to see Mamaw and Papaw while we were there. Mom even babysat one night (what a chore!!) so that I could go eat dinner with some girls from home (Malisha, Kathryn, Alicia, and Andrea...Candace was sick!!)! It was so great seeing them all. Last week we spent most of the time getting things back together and washing clothes! We have had 3 people look at the house since last week, and one serious looker!! Yeah! Hopefully before long we will be moving although we have no clue where we will move. It looks like most votes went to Collierville, although I think you all know that is not that likely. Unless one of those really cute older homes close to the square go up for sale!!:)

This past weekend was fun. Ole Miss beat Memphis by the skin of their teeth. Ken did not go to the game (WOW) he watched at his parents in Olive Branch along with Molly Cate. I got to enjoy some "Suzanne" time! On Sunday we went to church, by the way Molly Cate now highly dislikes the nursery, I hope this is a phase! We also got to hang out with the Shores Family. Their little girl Annie is the same age as Molly Cate. It is always fun meeting a new couple and getting to hang out. Monday Ken was off, we took Molly Cate to the spray park and then spent the rest of the day being lazy around the house. This has been another week of catch up as we were thrown off by having Ken home on Monday, which I will not complain about!! Sunday we are off to Gatlinburg, which should be lots of fun!!! Enjoy the pics!

Have a great one!:)